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Halloween Care Package

April 13th, 2014

First Pumpkin

The last time I left you all (which was again, way to long ago) we had time traveled back to October to check out “Revival”. We’re going to stay in October just a bit longer because I have to show you the amazing “care package” my sister concocted for out great-niece Sawyer.

Kris is the queen of care packages. In late September I starting getting pictures like this…

7burp rags

and this …

4skull burp rag

she had to buy regular diapers and dye them black to make these spooky little burp rags. And then came the onesies…

1skeleton onesie

this little skeleton one (also a white onesie dyed black) …

2Mummy onesie

and then the start of a little mummy.

The package was well underway when she talked to our niece Morgan who told her she would really like Sawyer to dress up as the Little Mermaid for Halloween. Say no more. Kris started whipping up a mermaid costume. Soon this photo popped up on my phone…

6mermaid tail

followed by these little felt seashells…

5felt shells

that were then applied to yet another onesie with just a touch of pink pearls…

3seashell top

By the time we got to Texas for the big Halloween party weekend she had everything, including Sawyer’s very first pumpkin, packed up and ready to go so that we could deliver the package on our way home.

Total Package

Actually, she had everything ready to go except for the pièce de résistance — the wig.

The wig

On our last night in Texas Kris was furiously sewing away trying to finish up Ariel’s wig. She bought a little red stocking cap and then some super soft red yarn and starting sewing rows of yarn onto the cap. She was close to being done with it when she lifted it up and realized it was so heavy Sawyer wouldn’t even be able to hold her head up while wearing it. So it had to be thinned out and given a little trim. She topped it off with a plastic, purple fork, otherwise known as Ariel’s “dingle hopper”. Finished! And none to soon, I think we were up till 3 a.m.

The next morning we headed home with the little care package in tow. We made a detour in Kansas and like Mr. McFeely showed up on Sawyer’s doorstep. Speedy Delivery!!

Of course within minutes of arrival, the cell phone cameras came out…

smile for the cameras

and Sawyer did all of her tricks for us. We brought out the care package and she had fun playing with the box for quite a while …

Sawyer & box

and once Morgan started opening the package the tissue paper was even more interesting…

Sawyer & M open package

Morgan was thrilled with the mermaid costume…

Morgan inspecting costume

and just about died laughing when she saw the wig. Immediately she told us to put it on her which we did…

Trying on the wig

the wig didn’t even faze her. She started crawling around the living room wearing it. The rest of us were practically rolling around on the floor in laughter and she just laughed right along with us. After trying on the wig Morgan put one of the little onesies on her (it was none to big, but it did fit) and she soon started inspecting her first little pumpkin…

Lil Punkin

which of course called for a short little photo session. Soon we said our goodbyes and hit the road once again.

Halloween rolled around the next Friday. Kelli and I were cheering on our hometown football team in the first round of the State Football Playoffs when this popped up on both of our phones…

Lil Mermaid in a car seat

our “Little Mermaid” was ready to hit the streets in search of candy! Is that not the cutest costume ever?

That shot was soon followed by this one…

Trick or Treatin

such a happy Little Mermaid!

Last week I got the “scrappin’ itch” again and decided to put together a digital spread on the “Halloween Care Package”.

Halloween Care Package1

Halloween Care Package2

I do love that “Lil Punkin”!

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