Gobble, gobble place cards

December 12th, 2013


Hey there, here I am, still alive. I bet you all thought I died of a turkey overdose didn’t ya? Nope, didn’t happen, not sure that’s physically possible but I might have come close. Speaking of turkey, I thought I would share a little Thanksgiving project that I got in just under the wire.

A local gal (that sounds a bit Midwestern hayseed doesn’t it? Oh well, guess that’s what I am) anyway, a local gal that I’ve known for years saw some cupcake toppers that I posted on Facebook and wondered if I could come up with some Thanksgiving place cards for her.

It seems her nieces requested she host Thanksgiving at her house, so she set out to impress. Sharla’s one of the best decorators around so I knew she was going to set a fabulous table. Her one concern was that there would be enough room on the table for the actual meal. She sent me a preview of one of her centerpieces…

Sharla's centerpiece

Cool huh?

She pretty much gave me free range to just come up with whatever I wanted. She liked the round cupcake toppers I had posted and thought that would be something different. So I started out with something round…

Turkey circles

and then decided just a bunch of turkeys weren’t going to get the job done.

Pile of turkey circles

So I added a card. I tried to use some digital paper that I had on my computer for the pattern on the card but I had some kind of brain fart and couldn’t figure out how to change the color to what I wanted so I ended up drawing it up in InDesign. And then I added a little Thanksgiving banner, I’m all about the banners at the moment.

Four cards

Sharla sent me a list of names for the place cards so I added them to the cards…

Grandma Betty2

and then attached my turkey circles to the cards with a super sticky Pop Dot (I’m also all about the Pop Dots). And that was it, I think I made 24 which included a few blank ones for any unexpected guests.

And… voila… the finished project on Sharla’s lovely table…

Finished placecard

she of course had the cutest little place card holders — acorns and antlers. She messaged me later that her niece’s daughter Josie had insisted on having her place card on the table in front of her for every meal and even when having a snack so I would say they were a hit. Gobble, gobble.

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