Pie Social

February 9th, 2013

fruit pie sign

My friend Tara asked me to help her decorate for an upcoming Pie Social at our church. She was thinking ’50’s era kitchen supplies. She asked to use some of my accumulated treasures. And then she mentioned the paper bunting I had made for a earlier church event. And then the words “chalk boards” were uttered, and there you go, a theme is born.

cream pie signs

Pie Social 1

Tara collected some great pie servers and borrowed some of her grandmother’s beautiful aprons. I raided my sister’s massive collection of mixing bowl sets. Tara couldn’t believe how many bowls I brought and I told her I hadn’t even scratched the surface of Kelli’s collection.

Pie Social 3

Pie Social 4

Pie Social 2

And then the pies started to arrive. They were even prettier than our decorations.

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