“Firsts” Chalkboard

March 17th, 2014

Collyns sketched

Hello. Me again. Still going through old projects and trying to get caught up on posts. Of course it would help me get “caught up” if I actually posted things. Sorry for the long absence once again, March is a busy month at my “actual job”.

Speaking of my “actual job”, this project came about because of someone I work with at my “actual job”. My friend and Web Guru Eckert is a man of many talents. Besides being our internet, video and website know-it-all he dabbles in photography on the side. He was hired to take family photos for some of his friends and they were so happy with the final product they asked him to take their daughters first birthday photos as well.


After getting that assignment Eckert’s wife Lindsey happened to run across a photo of a “First Birthday Chalkboard” on Pinterest. You might have seen it as well, it’s a little baby sitting on top of a chalkboard listing her many accomplishments during her first year of life. Lindsey sent me the photo and asked if I could make a similar board for Eckert to use as a prop in his photos and then after taking the photos they would give the chalkboard to their friends as a gift. GREAT IDEA!

Collyns in progress

I always love a good chalk project so I got to work. I had recently had my Design Assistant cut me a nice, smooth piece of wood for one of the big 24×36 inch frames I had on hand. I had already painted it with chalkboard paint for a little home decor project of my own. Well, I’m currently sitting here looking at that big empty frame as that project kind of got “bumped” when this assignment came up. I have a graveyard of projects underway in my studio, some day they’ll get finished… famous last words.

Collyns top

So Lindsey covertly got the details on their friends little one, height, weight, favorite toys, number of teeth, etc. and emailed me all the “pertinents” (just had a flashback to the Geico pig commercial, “That cards got all my pertinents and such on it.” I know you’ve all seen it before, strikes my funny bone every time for some reason).

Collyns likes

I tried to fit as many of them on as possible but had to leave a few off in the end because I was running out of room. Of course if I had centered everything on the board better that wouldn’t have been a problem. I wanted to leave some extra space at the top in case they wanted to set the baby on top of the board so that’s why it’s a bit off centered. And once you get so far in chalking there’s no going back to re-center things.

Finished board

So there it is, the finished project. It was a super fun board to do because I got to use all kinds of fun fonts and colors, and this was even before I discovered the cool, ultra bright chalk at Hobby Lobby.


And there she is… little Collyns with her chalkboard of accomplishments. She’s even providing photographic proof of the two teeth.

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    Seriously adorable!!

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