Feeling Scrappy – Swimming Lessons Week 1

August 27th, 2013

1 Lessons Week 1

I realize you guys are probably getting tired of me writing posts about my nieces visit to Grandma’s house, but as someone with no children of her own, I have to take advantage of having cute kids around for as long as possible, so I still have tons of photos and stories to post from their visit, what to do, what to do.

So to change things up, the other night out of the blue I started feeling “Scrappy” and put together a digital layout of Week 1 of the girlies swimming lessons.

I used to be a big scrapbooker, I mean I could probably open a scrapbook store out of my studio with all the supplies I have sitting around. But then I started scrapbooking digitally. I loved the fact that I could buy one item and then was able to use it over and over again. No need to drive 45 minutes to an hour to pick up some sort of supply. I could just shop online, download the item and have it in seconds. But I still love my paper products so I’ve kind of always done a mixture of both. But then other stuff started coming up and it’s been years since I’ve actually done any kind of layout, plus I’ll be honest, I’m a bit lazy.

2 Lessons Week 1

Lately on every blog I read they are all deep into “Project Life”. “Project Life” is basically a simple way of scrapbooking on a grid and most scrapbookers scrap the highlights of one week of their life in each layout. I haven’t bought into the whole project life system, meaning I haven’t purchased the divided plastic protectors, scrapbook or cute journaling cards geared toward the “system”, but I like the grid idea so I decided to just do it digitally. They do have digital elements for sale geared toward “Project Life” but since my funds were running low for the week I just kind of made up my own, and yes, probably copied a few that I saw… shhh.

My spread just featured one event but I’m thinking with the number of photos clogging up my phone I might have to start scrapping my weekly events, although layouts of me sitting at a desk all week long staring at a computer might put everyone to sleep.

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  1. Kathryn Says:

    Was going to offer to take some of those ‘old’ supplies off your hands but with bulletin board designing and extravagant party planning you probably dip into them more than you realize!! So creative you are!

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