Em’s Original World Famous Potato Salad

January 1st, 2013

Potato Salad 3

So this post should really be called “Homemade Holiday Part 2 – Mom’s Gift”. Again, I spotted something I loved on Pinterest and stole the idea. It was such perfection for my mother. They were currently working on remodeling their kitchen and had told me I would be in charge of finding artwork for the walls so I decided to make her something.

My mom is famous in our neck of the woods for her potato salad, it is heavenly, I wish she made it every week. She’s been hired to make it for many a wedding, graduation or anniversary party. It’s also been kind of a Christmas tradition at our house. We used to have huge family gatherings at Christmas with my Mom’s side of the family (she is one of 11 kids) and Mom would always bring 10 pounds of potato salad. So this always meant we would have to help peel potatoes and eggs and run them through the vegetable shredder on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So I had recently pinned an image on Pinterest where they turned a cherry pie recipe into a thing of beauty so I decided to do the same with Mom’s potato salad recipe, or should I say “Em’s Original World Famous Potato Salad Recipe.”

Potato Salad 1

I made the print poster size (24×36) and had it printed at my local print shop and it turned out so cool in black and white. I then simply bought a black wood poster frame at Hobby Lobby and framed it. And here it is in the half way finished kitchen…

Potato Salad 4

I loved it so much I had one made for myself at poster size and then made four smaller versions and framed them for my sisters and my nieces.

Potato Salad 2

Now if any of us ever want to make mom’s potato salad we know exactly where we put that recipe.

And just a side note, if anyone out there is interested in me turning one of their favorite recipes into artwork let me know.

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