Dinner Blessing

July 26th, 2014

Dinner Blessing

This one’s from the archives. During the same weekend of the “Sinee Spectacular” a local mom with a fellow graduating senior asked if I could make a print for her. You know how it is that last week before your kid graduates, either you’re finishing your kitchen remodel, having new carpet laid or hanging stuff on your walls that you always meant to but never got around to doing. The latter was the case here.

Lynn had a wall full of family photos hanging above her dinner table and she found the above saying on a sign on where else, Pinterest. She had a frame already she just needed me to make a print. Did I have time? I told her if I could do it on my computer as opposed to hand painting something I should be able to squeeze it in. So the day before graduation I finally sat down at my computer and whipped this out. I printed it up and set out in search of Lynn’s farm, picking up my Mom along the way to act as my navigation system. Hand-delivered to her doorstep… how’s that for service?

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