March 25th, 2013

An amazing thing happened to me today. I drove home from work in the daylight! I haven’t seen daylight on my way home in months. I work odd hours at my dayjob (or I guess I should call it my midday-into-night-job) and last week was one of my three most dreaded weeks of the year. It’s a week that comes around three times every school year, Fall, Winter and Spring. This time it was “Spring Sports Section Week”.

spring sports

It’s a week involving color adjusting a hundred or so individual mug shots of high school athletes from eleven area schools and making sure you have the right name on each picture because believe you me if you don’t you will hear about it. It’s finding and cutting out at least thirty shots of individual athletes in action, making sure the names in the cutlines under each team photo match the number of faces in a row, typing up team schedules and then somehow fitting all of the information and images onto 16 pages of newsprint along with a hundred or so ads.

Needless to say, my creativity and all creative projects came screeching to a halt last week. I have nothing colorful and bright to share from the previous week just a bunch of black and white newsprint and that makes me a bit sad. Ah, but it is a new week and it’s bound to be an improvement over the last, after all, I’ve already caught a little glimpse of daylight.

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