April 17th, 2014

hanging banner

I appear to be sticking with the musical theme in this week’s posts. I also appear to still be digging through my archives hoping to catch up. This particular post marked a milestone for me. My first out-of-state customer! The majority of my projects have come about due to word of mouth in my little neck of the woods but this project was an honest to goodness job due to my blog.

I was contacted by a mother-of-the-bride out in Ohio that had somehow stumbled upon my blog post about Troy and Sara’s wedding. If you remember, I did several projects for Troy and Sara and one of them was creating a “Here Comes The Bride” banner for Sara’s two nephews to carry down the aisle in front of her. My mother-of-the-bride had been searching for just such a banner and was thrilled to find my post.

Bride banner finished

I was thrilled she got a hold of me right before I left for the Texas Halloween Party. Due to the fact that my seamstress lives in Texas and I would be able to buy my canvas fabric and force said seamstress to whip up a banner before I headed back home.

Once I got my banner home I quickly set to work. Luckily I had made a pattern when I did Troy and Sara’s banner so I just had to transfer my lettering onto the fabric and paint it. This wedding was a Gatsby theme so they wanted black lettering with some gold highlights.


For once I was prepared, I had previously bought some gold sparkly fabric paint so I had that on hand to use for the highlights. Well, by now you should know these things generally don’t work out for me in the end. My first stroke of the gold sparkly paint was a bad one. You couldn’t even see it on the fabric. Dumb fabric paint anyway. I started looking for other options. Rummaging through long forgotten containers and cupboards hoping for a solution. I was coming up empty.

Golden dowel

While I was rummaging the broomstick handle topped off with two golden orbs, once again constructed by my Design Assistant and to be used to hang the banner from, was drying out in my garage. I had used shiny gold spray paint for the handle… hmmmm… maybe spray paint would work. I grabbed it and started experimenting. If I just sprayed a tiny little bit of it on my paint palette (i.e. paper plate) I could dunk my brush and get maybe two strokes out of it before the paint dried completely. Huh… who knew spray paint dried so fast? You learn something new every day. So that’s how I soldiered on.

I finished it yet that evening and next had to figure out how I would be shipping my “Bride Banner” to Ohio. I ended up buying two postal tubes, ran them over to the Old Man’s house and had him trim one on his table saw, then used up almost an entire roll of packing tape sticking the two tubes together and off it went to Ohio. Thank goodness I remembered to put the banner inside first.

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