Cocktails & Dreams

September 24th, 2015


“I see it in pink neon. Blink, blink, dinkity-blink.” – Doug Coughlin, “Cocktail”

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a child of the ’80s? You mean you haven’t all figured that out yet? Well I am, and “Cocktail” was at one point an all-time favorite. This was long before I realized Tom Cruise was insane… I mean, have you seen “Going Clear”? Complete wacko!

Wow! I’m off subject already, Tom Cruise will do that to you. Back to the cocktails of “Cocktails & Dreams”. Signature Cocktails actually. And this bride didn’t see it in pink neon, she saw it in navy blue.

Several months ago a recent bride-to-be contacted me about making her a recipe print or chalkboard for her wedding. The bride and groom would each have a signature cocktail served at their reception. She was looking for either a print or a chalkboard that would list each drink’s ingredients and could be displayed on the drink table.

She sent me a Pin of what she had in mind and we decided to do a print instead of a chalkboard. She was hoping for a navy background and I wasn’t sure if I could find navy chalkboard paint so the print option seemed to be our best bet.

The bride’s signature drink was called “Dirty Water” which was a nod to Boston, where she attended college, and she wanted the print to reflect that. The groom’s signature drink was called “The Hunnimooner” and would be made in a jar so that needed to be reflected in the print as well…


I lucked out because both turned out just like I had pictured them in my mind. Believe me, that doesn’t always happen. And now I have another print to add to my repertoire… and yes, I’m going to call it “Cocktails & Dreams”.

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