Chalk Lung

June 12th, 2013

Higher 1

My little side business was beginning to be hazardous to my health. The previous weekend I had started to get loopy off of spray paint fumes, this time around I was developing chalk lung. The one day women’s retreat was just a week away so it was time to get chalking. What to draw, what to draw?

The featured speaker at the event was to be Jen Hatmaker, who apparently was a huge “get” for our small little burg. I had heard the name before but wasn’t aware of what she did or how popular she was so I was at a bit of a disadvantage. Jen had spoken at an earlier retreat and agreed to come speak in our tiny little town of 1,000 people, excuse me, 999 (that’s what the population sign says on the way into town).

All I had to work with was a ticket to the event featuring the very cool promotional poster and these words: Welcome; Higher; Books by Jen Hatmaker; Coffee/rolls; Give always (which thank goodness I said aloud to Tara one afternoon when she stopped by to check out my progress only to find it was supposed to say “Give Aways” curse you autocorrect!!) and 31 Bits. “Higher” was the theme Jen had chosen for the weekend. I decided to just take my cue from the promotional poster and jump on in.

I attacked “Big Momma” first, and even broke out the colored chalk for this momentous event. My first stroke of chalk on that brand new, smooth as satin chalk board was a thing of beauty. I think I let out an audible sigh. It was so nice working on that clean surface, of course it wasn’t long before something wasn’t quite working and I had to grab the eraser and smudge that pristine board up. For awhile there it was draw, erase, draw, erase, draw, erase. That’s when the chalk lung started to develop. After a while I had to actually get out my trusty Electro-Lux in order to vacuum up all of the chalk dust.

Higher 2

Once I finished off “Big Momma” I decided to get the little boards out of the way. These small boards would go on different tables which featured books, rolls and coffee and jewelery so they were pretty straight forward and ended up looking like this…

Higher 3

and this…

Higher 4

and finally this.

Higher 5

I then turned the two other big boards into welcome signs that looked like this…

Higher 6

(my least favorite) and this…

Higher 7

which made up for the previous one.

One of the event organizers had offered up one of her chalkboards that she had hanging in her house. She had turned a cool old door into a chalkboard and it ended up looking like this…

Higher 8

That Thursday I let Tara know they were all ready to go.

Higher 9

She and her sister Cami came to my house and we loaded everything up, along with some globes, wooden crates and bunting and hauled it all the way across the street to the school. They planned on doing the actual decorating the next day as soon as school got out. Since I wasn’t able to leave work in time I left that all up to them but requested they take pictures so Friday afternoon my phone started pinging away as my mailbox filled up with shots of their handy work. Shots like this…

Higher 10

and this…

Higher 11

oh, and this…

HIgher 12

Higher 13

and finally this…

Higher 14

It’s hard to believe those boards only lived for a few short weeks and are now sitting here staring at me with blank expressions waiting for me to fill them up once again.

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  1. Tara Says:

    Oh Kerri P.! I still can’t over how great these turned out (not that I ever doubted you!)! Thanks again for sharing your God-given gifts with this community!

  2. Kriso Says:

    Love it all!

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