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Taylor & Chase – Programs

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


A couple of stacks of wedding programs finished out my “Perfect Storm of Crafting” week. Well, actually it was 11 stacks with 20 programs in each stack, if you do the math that makes around 225 programs. They were for the wedding of Taylor Janzen and Chase Chrisman. I had already helped Taylor out with the wedding invitations a few months earlier and eventually received an email asking if I would be able to do the wedding programs as well.


Story of Us: Roepke

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Roepke print

Next up during my week, now known in the history books as the, “Perfect Storm of Crafting”, was a wedding gift. My sister Kelli and brother-in-law Marc were invited to a wedding in Kansas. The groom was a friend of their daughter Morgan and Kelli had offered to take care of the wedding gift. She asked me to make one of my “Story of Us” prints. This particular print has become the go-to gift for any wedding I’m invited to so if you’re interested in attaining one you can either contact me and place an order or… invite me to your wedding.


Order Up Evangeline & Brielle

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014


I’m still in phone clean-up mode and came across these birth prints I did for a former co-worker a while back. Violet was our fresh-faced summer intern straight out of college at the newspaper I work at so its kind of hard to believe she is now the mother of two little girls.


Order Up, Wilkinson & Awtry Clans

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Bud & Tarri 3

Me again, can you even believe it? I’m trying to get caught up on posting some of my projects from over the holidays. I mean, I’m still taking down Christmas decorations so I guess it makes sense that I’m still posting Christmas projects.

My good friend Melanie had decided months ago that I was going to take care of her Christmas shopping for her. The girl works her fool head off and never has time to shop so I was happy to oblige. After all, she’s been forced to look at every single poster I’ve made over the past year so I owed her. I generally leave work for a bit to pop over to the printer and pick up my latest order and then traipse back into the office and unroll it for inspection. I’m always nervous about leaving the final product in my car, too hot, too cold, weird people hanging out in our parking lot digging through the can of cigarette butts looking for a smoke, who knows what might happen.

So after having to look at poster after poster she decided she was going to take care of all of her husbands family in one fell swoop and put in orders for three family posters.


LaVina’s Sour Cream Cookies

Monday, November 4th, 2013

LeVina Close Up

My final wedding project of the summer was a recipe poster for Caitlin and Daniel’s wedding. Caitlin and her mom Judy planned on serving sour cream cookies at the wedding, correction, LaVina’s Sour Cream Cookies.


Sara & Troy: Boards & Banner

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

As promised in my last post, we’re moving on to the boards & banner portion of Sara & Troy’s wedding paraphernalia. Sara’s soon-to-be mother-in-law Joni had asked me in our very first wedding email if I could make some chalkboards for the wedding reception. I said “Sure.”, never having really done any chalkboards before. Lucky for all involved, I picked up a few chalkboard jobs before the big day so I was able to get in a bit of practice.

Sweet Treats


Bergen – Discoe

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Look again! That title says Bergen – Discoe not Burning Disco. We will not be heating anything up out on the dance floor in this post. Instead I’m showing off the Family Posters of two of my oldest friends (and no ladies, I’m not insinuating that you are old, I’m referring to the fact that I believe I have known you both since I was three-years-old) the Hiebner sisters.

1 Bergen

Being the trendsetters that they are, they both wanted a little something different for their Family Posters. This was the first time I had designed a Family Poster on a background other than white, and I really love them both.


Phi Sig’s

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Phi Sigs 1

My sister Kelli asked me to help her out with graduation gifts for my niece Marli’s sorority sisters. Of course this request came only one week before graduation which meant we would be throwing something together. The girls had taken some really nice group photos and Kelli wanted to somehow use one of the photos along with all of their names, kind of like the Family Posters that I do. At first we talked about somehow putting the names on the photo but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I told her I would have to think about it.


Greatest Baby Shower on Earth printables

Thursday, May 16th, 2013


Many people have been asking about the Greatest Baby Shower on Earth and looking for printables.


Order Up for the Chamberlin Family

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013


Order up for the Chamberlin’s. This one is going to Oregon. The Chamberlin’s are the in-laws of my friend Sheri (Franz) Chamberlin. Sheri moved away before the start of her Junior year of high school. One of the funniest people I ever knew. The last time I saw Sheri was when we served as bridesmaids at our friends Angie and Brian’s wedding many, many moons ago. Her last memory of me is probably me getting us lost in Iowa trying to take her to the Omaha airport to catch her flight home. I had no clue where I was going, thank God she made her flight.

Through the wonder of Facebook we reconnected and she ordered one of my Family Posters for her in-laws anniversary. She asked if she could add some things to the poster and sent me a list that included some of the family’s favorite places to spend time together as well as some words of meaning. I just managed to get it all in.