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Order Up Evangeline & Brielle

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014


I’m still in phone clean-up mode and came across these birth prints I did for a former co-worker a while back. Violet was our fresh-faced summer intern straight out of college at the newspaper I work at so its kind of hard to believe she is now the mother of two little girls.


Styling Midtown

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


“So I was hired to style an open house at Midtown.” Don’t I sound all highfalutin? Like Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist, listing off one of the five styling jobs she has booked for the afternoon, that is after approving her new shoe line and picking out millions of dollars worth of jewelry for “Annie” (that would be Hathaway). Then it’s home for some quality time with “Sky Sky” before spending two hours getting her make-up done so she and Rog can go to a store opening during which they will just “go in, say Hi and leave because I’m so exhausted. Seriously, I’m so tired it’s ba-nan-as.” Yeah right, that’s exactly my situation. I’m not one bit highfalutin, but that’s not the case at Midtown Hair Studio, the newest happening salon one town over from my little burg.


Sara & Troy: Boards & Banner

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

As promised in my last post, we’re moving on to the boards & banner portion of Sara & Troy’s wedding paraphernalia. Sara’s soon-to-be mother-in-law Joni had asked me in our very first wedding email if I could make some chalkboards for the wedding reception. I said “Sure.”, never having really done any chalkboards before. Lucky for all involved, I picked up a few chalkboard jobs before the big day so I was able to get in a bit of practice.

Sweet Treats


That Girl

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Mustard frame

Another Saturday, another round of spray paint, and more dead brain cells. This time I was working on chalk boards. My friend Tara, who I helped out with the Pie Social a few months ago, asked me to help decorate for an upcoming women’s retreat involving all of the area churches. The poster promoting the event was designed to look like chalk art and since we had already gone one round with chalkboards we decided we might as well do it again. But this this time we had a bigger space to fill as the event was to be held in our high school theater and we were to decorate the lobby. So on top of borrowing the small chalkboards from the Preschool again I decided to make a few bigger ones out of some frames I had setting around.

One of the frames we had used as decor at my nieces wedding and was painted white so I just gave it a coat of red spray paint. The smallest one, pictured above, was actually a new frame that I had bought at Michael’s in December to turn into a Christmas gift for my other niece. I ended up doing something else for her gift and debated returning it but figured I could surely find some use for it eventually. It was a basic gold color like the majority of those frames are so I painted it my new favorite color of spray paint, not really a sunshine yellow and not really gold, somewhere in-between (I’ve also decided I’m going to use that color on one of my rocking chairs on my front porch, the former red one that has needed a paint job for the past three summers). And finally there was “Big Momma” which is around five feet tall and three feet wide. She was a Shed Sale find last Labor Day weekend. There were two other big frames like her at that sale and I have been kicking myself for not picking those up as well. As is my M.O., I bought her with absolutely no idea how I was going to use her. She’s just been standing around my studio taking up space for close to a year now. She was also a flaking, beat up gold color so I painted her turquoise.

I then turned them over to my Design Assistant. I asked him for suggestions on what to make the chalk boards out of. As much as I appreciate being able to use the small frames that the Preschool made, they just painted plywood with chalk paint so it’s hard to do any detailed chalk work on such a bumpy surface. I also wanted something lightweight because the frames were heavy enough as they were. He immediately suggested Masonite which we got and cut to size and I then painted with chalkboard paint.

Fresh boards

So there you go, three fresh boards, now I just had to fill them up with something, along with five other small ones. The next weekend I talked to my friend Val whose parents are my neighbors across the street. She told me they had spotted me painting away the weekend before and her daughter Reece (one of the funniest little kids I know) had said “Mom, that girl’s always paintin’ something in her garage.” That one made me chuckle, mainly because I was thrilled, over the moon really, that Reecee referred to me as “that girl” as opposed to “that old lady”. It kind of made up for some “ma’am” references from earlier in the week.

Order Up for Paisley Rae

Saturday, April 27th, 2013


Order up for Miss Dani Chrisman. After the “Greatest Baby Shower On Earth” Dani asked if I could make a birth print like Sawyer’s for some of her friends. I gave her the option of just the print alone or I could find her a frame that I would paint to match the print. She chose the latter option, I mean why wouldn’t you, framing stuff is always the biggest pain and for me it’s always done at the last minute.


Brinley Jo Sweeney Chalk Sign

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

chalk sign

So, one of my very best customers, that would be you Melissa, asked me to come up with something personalized that she could give her niece for her first birthday. Many moons ago when Melissa had her kids I was into painting clay pots and putting the newborns name and birthdate on the rim of the pot and then filling it with baby goodies.

She was hoping for something similar to that with a name on it that could be kept forever. I had just started working with chalk and asked her if I could do her name in chalk, find a funky frame and paint it to match her room. “Sold!” was her response.


Pie Social

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

fruit pie sign

My friend Tara asked me to help her decorate for an upcoming Pie Social at our church. She was thinking ’50’s era kitchen supplies. She asked to use some of my accumulated treasures. And then she mentioned the paper bunting I had made for a earlier church event. And then the words “chalk boards” were uttered, and there you go, a theme is born.

Cream Pie

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

cream pie

Working on some chalk art for the Pie Social coming up at Bethesda.

Baby it’s cold outside

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Holiday chalk art.

baby its cold outside

Wall o’ Boards

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

A bunch of old picture frames we painted and turned into cork and chalk boards. The big one is a marker board that my design assistant (my Dad) built a huge frame for that looks like an old picture frame.

I found two of them at the Henderson Garage Sales and Cheryl Vaught was kind enough to give them to me for free. I repurposed two of them from Morgan’s wedding so that means Marc and Kelli donated those. Not sure if they know that or not.

wall o boards 2

wall o boards 1