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I hate August… and Gremlins

Monday, October 3rd, 2016


Do you ever feel like there are forces out in the world conspiring against you? Messing stuff up every which way you turn. Maybe it’s Gremlins. Like the pointy eared, green, scaly, don’t-feed-after-midnight kind. If that’s the case and Gremlins actually do exist they were out in full force during the month of August. Which is why I made that bold statement in the above headline. And it’s also why I’m currently sitting here still looking at the above pile of junk. It’s fun junk of course, but it’s been sitting in the middle of my living room for going on two weeks.


The Trials and Tribulations of a Seasonal Decorator

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016


So how many of you consider yourself “Seasonal Decorators”? Hopefully the large majority raised their hands, if not I’ll be out of business soon. But wait, let me back up and explain what I mean by “Seasonal Decorator”. Does your house basically look the same all year round except for at Christmas? Or do you plaster your abode in Valentine’s hearts only to pull out the green shamrock garland a few weeks later and apply liberally? I’d say I fall somewhere between those two categories… leaning more toward the crazy hearts and shamrocks kind of lady.


This Land Is My Land…

Saturday, July 4th, 2015


A post on the 4th of July? Sure, why not. I’ve already enjoyed a solid day off of work and the weekend has just begun. My full-time job, ye old YNT (not sure why I just started talking like a pirate), saw fit to give us the 3rd of July off since the 4th falls on a Saturday. And for the first time in my almost 15 years of employment, no one in my department had to pull holiday duty. You see, we don’t have a paper on major holidays so everyone gets the day off, well almost everyone. Those of us that actually assemble the paper and send it to press always have to work “on” the holiday in order to build the next days issue. Bummer right? Well not this holiday. No siree. Leave it to ‘Merica to solve that age old problem. I don’t have a paper to put together until Monday so bring on the holiday!


The Graduates

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015


It seems like only yesterday I was writing about “Wedding Season”. “Wedding Season” soon turned into “Prom Season” which very quickly turned into “Graduation Season”. And a busy “Graduation Season” it was. It still blows my mind that my friends have kids graduating from high school. How did that happen? I still remember when they were babies traumatized by 4th of July Fireworks and tag-along little brothers who always knew exactly what we adults were talking about because “I have ears you know.” Noted, from then on we were a little more careful about what we said around Jordan.


On The Boardwalk

Thursday, April 30th, 2015


I believe I stated in my last post that it was “Wedding Season”. Well, I was wrong, it’s actually “Prom Season”. And Prom went down in my little burg last weekend. Let me just say, for a town that could have been mistaken for the set of the movie “Footloose”… we’ve come a long way.


MacKenzie & Zach

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015


Wedding season has officially arrived and my first job of the “season” is in the books. I had the honor of working on a couple of projects for Miss MacKenzie Dick, now Richert.


Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts…

Monday, February 9th, 2015


We interrupt the never-ending Texan Adventure to bring you some Valentine greetings on this the week of Valentine’s Day. I think I’ve stated this before… I’m not a huge fan of V-Day but I am a fan of seasonal decorating and what else are you supposed to do during those cold and bitter months following the holidays? Once those Christmas decorations come down the place just looks depressing. As a side note… why is it I’m perfectly happy with my every day home decor all throughout the year but once I un-deck the halls in January I feel I have nothing to fill all those empty spaces with? Where did all that stuff go? Did I just forget where everything went? It’s a mystery. Anyway, since it’s still a little too early to start digging out the Easter eggs I’ve resorted to hearts, well not too many hearts.


Harvest Market Days

Thursday, November 27th, 2014


Hey there it’s me, still alive a kickin’ but just barely. The last two months have been a bit crazy and don’t look to slow down anytime soon, especially since “The Holiday Season” has officially hit. I say it’s officially “The Holiday Season” because I’m writing this post on Thanksgiving Eve, is that a thing? Thanksgiving Eve? I say it is and I guess it doesn’t really matter since it will be Thanksgiving Day by the time I’m done writing. And since in my mind Thanksgiving still falls under the “Fall” category I can sneak this post in under the wire about our Harvest Market Days Sale.

If you remember from one of my last posts (a long, long time ago) I promised to give you all a peek inside my new endeavor, Willow Station.


I’m baaacckkk

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


EEK! I haven’t posted for over a month and a half! That’s ridiculous! I mean my last post was on my birthday and I am well into my 44th year (Believe me, I feel all 44 of those years every morning when I get up). So here I am again, making up excuses for disappearing on you, but this time I have a really good excuse. Really I do.

You see I’ve had a little side project brewing in the background for a few years now. It started percolating back when JoAnn, Andrea and I redecorated the Youth Room at my church. The seed was planted at the final meeting of our Youth Room Committee. JoAnn mentioned that she and her husband Mike had been toying around with constructing a building on their farm. A building that would make JoAnn’s dream of becoming a shop owner come true. She wanted to know what we thought of the idea and Andrea and I both immediately said we were on board. If she was going to build a store we wanted to be a part of it.



Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Chalkboard in progress

It’s that time of year. Those striped circus tents have been popping up all over the place. “You’re One Stop Spot for all your Fireworks Needs” one of the signs said. And last night here in my little burg you would have thought it already was the 4th with the large number of fireworks going off. I was sweating away all evening trying to make some order out of my mess of a garage and was able to step outside numerous times to take in the show.