Caitlin & Daniel Wedding Invitations

August 25th, 2013

1 Caitlin and Daniel

Several months ago I was contacted by Caitlin and her mom Judy about making wedding invitations and programs for her August wedding. They would be having a small, simple wedding in her parent’s back yard. Caitlin knew she wanted a tree on the invitation as it would be an outdoor wedding.

I drew up a design and sent it to them and it was a go (only one try!). Everything else, of course, didn’t go quite that smoothly.

We decided to print the invitation as a tri-fold on a craft paper colored cardstock. They were going to simply put the address on the back of the invitation and mail them without envelopes, this meant I had to find a sturdy cardstock to go through the mail. One thing I have discovered… it’s difficult to determine paper weight via the internet. It’s just something you have to be able to feel and hold in your hand. I had ordered cardstock sight unseen for a previous batch of wedding invitations and I’m pretty sure myself and all of my “sweat shop” workers will be developing early onset arthritis from having to fold 350 invitations out of that particular paper.

So this time I was a bit more careful. I ordered several different weights of paper and then had to wait for them to show up… tick, tick, tick. Once I finally got them I printed the invite on each sample and had Caitlin and Judy pick their favorite. Then we ordered the paper… tick, tick, tick again.

2 Caitlin and Daniel

The invitation was fairly simple as it was just a black line drawing with one little spot of red, the heart with Caitlin and Daniel’s initials carved into it on the tree. So since it wouldn’t take up a whole lot of printer ink and I was only making 150 invitations I had to decided to try and print them at home. Ahhh, the best laid plans.

I started printing and of course after about ten good invites my worn out and tired printer started jamming. From there on out I could only get them to print if I sent one through, it jammed in the printer, I then hit the paper feed button, got the paper out and then sent it through again. Yeah, that was going to take a ridiculous amount of time. Especially since I had also drawn up a little curlycue “Caitlin & Daniel” with the wedding date to print on the back flap, that meant I would have to do the above ridiculous process twice per invite. So to the printer we went.

3 Caitlin and Daniel

In the end, because I was to cheap to pay the printer to print on both sides of the invitation, I actually ended up doing that ridiculous process for the signature on the back of the invite. It wasn’t too terrible once I got into a rhythm and while my printer was jamming, unjamming and printing I was folding the invitations. I know, I’m a glutton for punishment.

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