Brinley Jo Sweeney Chalk Sign

February 19th, 2013

chalk sign

So, one of my very best customers, that would be you Melissa, asked me to come up with something personalized that she could give her niece for her first birthday. Many moons ago when Melissa had her kids I was into painting clay pots and putting the newborns name and birthdate on the rim of the pot and then filling it with baby goodies.

She was hoping for something similar to that with a name on it that could be kept forever. I had just started working with chalk and asked her if I could do her name in chalk, find a funky frame and paint it to match her room. “Sold!” was her response.

I found a great frame on my first try (and it was a bargain to boot) threw on some pink paint, had my Design Asst. (that would be my dad) cut some nice smooth wood to fit the frame, painted it with chalkboard paint and got to chalking.

I knew I wanted to spray the chalkboard with Polycrylic clear gloss so that the chalk would stay put, but I forgot about my sister’s experience with Polycrylic clear gloss and chalk on the sign she made for our nieces wedding, THE GLOSS EATS THE CHALK! So I sprayed and watched the design start to disappear! Noooo! Freaked out for a bit and decided to let it dry. I went over it again and sprayed it again and it was fine, as long as nobody ever takes an eraser to it!

Hopefully Miss Brinley Jo will enjoy her sign for a long time.


Did you notice the little Leprechaun hanging out at the top of the photo? A gift from my niece Marli who recently returned from Ireland. I told her to look for Leprechaun’s, actually she was supposed to follow one to his pot of gold and bring that back, oh well, guess that little guy will have to do.

Below is the wedding chalkboard that should have taught me all about clear gloss. It traveled from Texas to Kansas and had to be gone over again but turned out great. She did an awesome job!

Wedding Chalkboard

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