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June 28th, 2014

Chalkboard in progress

It’s that time of year. Those striped circus tents have been popping up all over the place. “You’re One Stop Spot for all your Fireworks Needs” one of the signs said. And last night here in my little burg you would have thought it already was the 4th with the large number of fireworks going off. I was sweating away all evening trying to make some order out of my mess of a garage and was able to step outside numerous times to take in the show.

Speaking of things “popping” up, I made a new printable for the Fourth of July with a little “Snap, Crackle and POP” (no it’s not a Rice Krispies printable)…


if you go down to the bottom of this post you can download a PDF to print out and use for your 4th of July party.

Since I’ve kind of been slacking off in the decorating department, I didn’t put any of my Easter stuff out, that holiday just flew by me for some reason, I decided I’d better show some patriotic pride and get with it for the Fourth. I did my old standby holiday chalkart (after erasing the Valentine’s Day one… pathetic) …

Finished chalkboard

My friend Keri asked me the other day if I always use the same chalkboard for my holiday chalkart and if you look at the first photo in this post, which is a work in progress, you will see that yes, I use that chalkboard over and over and it’s starting to show some wear. It’s chalk paint on glass and it’s starting to chip. I think after this one I’m going to have to repaint. So yes, that also means I erase all of those designs, but I always take a picture and have started turning them into downloadable PDFs as well, there’s one at the bottom of this post.

4th closet

chalkboard in closet

Once the chalkboard was done I scrounged up all of my summery 4th of July stuff and threw it together in my holiday closet. I made a Croquet Bouquet…

Croquet bouquet

with my collection of random croquet mallots that I pick up at garage sales and antique stores.

And then of course I had to put something under glass…

chair in a jar

I’ve had a set of three small metal lawn chairs for years, don’t remember where I got them but thought they were cute.

And then there’s my latest purchase. The red, metal tray and the big blue No. 4 that I got at Junkstock. Let’s just say that tray is heavy, especially after slogging around in the mud and then walking a mile uphill while carrying it. There’s a whole ‘nother post coming on my Junkstock experience soon.

Tray of flags

I filled it with sand (making it heavier) and stuck a bunch of flags in it. Something different for that corner. And then above it I reprinted my “Star Spangled Banner” printable from last year and hung it up…

Oh say

If you look back at my post from last 4th of July you can download this printable as well.

And that’s it, pretty simple for this holiday, Ang was by the other day and said, “Of course you would decorate for the 4th of July!” I’m not alone out there am I? Happy 4th to you all.

Download the printable by clicking the image below
fourth of july printable

Three Cheers printable

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