‘BOO’ to you

October 22nd, 2014

Once upon1

My holidays are starting to blur together. I blame this Willow Station thing. You see I was working on Halloween and Thanksgiving projects way back in August and now my studio is starting to look like Santa’s Workshop and it isn’t even Halloween! And to add salt to the wound, I’m the kind of person that get’s completely annoyed when I head to Hobby Lobby (which I seem to do every single Saturday, yet another annoyance) in search of fall foliage and end up having to wade through all of the Christmas ornaments to get to it. So here I sit, in my haunted house wishing you a Merry Christmas with my paintbrush.

I just realized that I’ve been so consumed by the holly jolly holiday that I haven’t even posted anything about my spooky projects so I’m going to remedy that right now. You all got a pretty good peek at my haunted house last year and this year’s isn’t a whole lot different but I did add a few new things. Like my “Once upon a Midnight dreary” chalkboard. That line would be from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”, remember? From back in high school English? “Says the raven ‘Nevermore'”.

Once upon 2

I found this awesome frame the last time I was at a Gatherings on the Blue Shed Sale. It was super chunky and chipped and painted gold with one of those old farm scene paintings inside. You know, those paintings like my Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom had in their basement back in the ’70’s, the kind that depicted a million different things going on at the same time on the family farm. This poor neglected frame was partly buried under a table full of stuff when my eagle eye zoned in on it. When I dug it out and saw the price tag… $3!!… I knew it was going home with me. My first thought was Christmas project so I painted it white and let it set around like that for a month. The white wasn’t really doing it for me and then I had an idea for a spooky chalkboard so I covered it in black glossy paint. Much better.

Once upon 3

Then I took the farm scene painting out of the frame, flipped it over, and painted the back with chalk paint. Voila! Instant chalkboard. My chalk design didn’t turn out as spooky as I planned but I really liked that ‘O’ so I just went with it. It’s perfect for right now but I can also envision it in some glossy red paint come Christmas time. And I might just do that… O the glory of spray paint!

Hollows Eve

My first Halloween project of the season was changing out my front entry chalkboard. You’ve seen this one several times and since I change it every season the chalkboard was starting to look shabby so I gave it a new coat of paint and then whipped out a ‘All Hollows Eve’ chalkboard. I do love that ‘Pompadour’ font for numbers.


And finally, I needed a Halloween print for that prize spot next to my TV. That area I sit and stare at far too much on a daily basis. I decided to do something similar to my 4th of July print from this summer and went with a bunch of Halloweenish words. And because I appreciate you all so much for putting up with my on again off again posting, I’m including my ‘Boo’ print for your downloading pleasure. Now back to ‘Making spirits bright’.

Click the image below to download the Boo Printable PDF
boo printable

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