Birthday Toppers By The Bunches

April 16th, 2014

3 Little Mermaid

“Ahhhhhahhhhahhh… ahhhhhahhhahh… ahhhhhahhhhhh…” Why is it the moment you say “The Little Mermaid” that tune pops into my head? Out of all the completely catchy and humable tunes in that particular Disney masterpiece Ariel’s opening scale of notes is what always stands out to me. Oh, and by the way, I did just realize that I seem to have a Little Mermaid theme going here this week so bear with me.

That tune got stuck in my head a few weeks ago because I got a text from my cousin Stacy asking if I had time to make up some Little Mermaid cupcake toppers for her. POP! There it was. Bouncing around in my head for the rest of the week. Stacy is the talent behind Stacy Lynn’s Baking Company. She makes all kinds of heavenly creations, cake pops, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls along with some of the most beautifully decorated sugar cookies you ever have seen. I’m talking Martha Stewart, December issue, cover quality sugar cookies.

So the two of us have struck up a somewhat symbiotic (That’s a big word isn’t it? Hope I used it in the right context.) business relationship. She gets a cupcake order that doesn’t involve intricate frosting work and she calls me for some toppers. I benefit from having my toppers sitting atop her amazing creations and you know, hopefully getting the word out to her customers that I can be their cupcake topper connection.

4 Little Mermaid

This time around all she said was Little Mermaid and two dozen. So I looked on Pinterest for some Mermaid Topper inspiration and was wholly disappointed. Everything I found looked like they had just taken a screen grab from the movie, stuck it in a circle and put it on a stick. If someone wanted a topper like that they could just go buy them at Wal-Mart in my opinion.

So I decided to make my own little stylized version of Ariel’s face and of course her flowing red hair and you know, stick that in a circle and put it on a stick. In my defense I did at least make it a scalloped circle. And for good measure I made a second circle design that just said “The Little Mermaid” on it and sandwiched my stick between the two so that they would look good from both sides.

1 Litle Mermaid

And then I decided to make my life a little bit more difficult. While scanning Pinterest I had seen some cupcakes with mermaid tails made out of fondant coming out of the frosting. They looked like Ariel had just dived below the surface in search of her friends “Under the Sea”. I decided to make some tails out of paper instead of fondant, I mean, let’s be honest, they would probably taste the same.

So I traced the basic shape of a mermaid tail off of one of the photos in InDesign and then added some scales and watery colors. Then I had to print two versions of the tails, one regular and one reflected because I would be gluing them back to back with the stick in between. This meant cutting them out very carefully and no matter how carefully I cut them out they never, ever matched up perfectly so there was a lot of trimming going on, once again into the wee hours of the night because let’s face it, when else do I do this stuff but in the wee hours? This ended up being the wee, wee hours though. While I was working I was also getting caught up with “True Detective” and by the time I finished the toppers I only had two more episodes to go and at that point I couldn’t stop watching. Talk about binge T.V. I think my head finally hit my pillow at 5 a.m., ridiculous I know.

2 Little Mermaid

A few days later Stacy posted some pics of the finished cupcakes. They turned out so cute! I did a dozen with the circles and a dozen of the tails. I don’t know which I liked better but I do know I loved the two-toned frosting she used along with all the other “beachy” stuff.

Last Fall Stac texted me needing toppers for a 15-year-olds birthday cupcakes. Ugghh. Teenagers. Nothing’s ever cool enough to impress a teenager. I soon found out that said teenager was none other than my best friend Keri’s daughter Molly. Well that was a whole ‘nother story. Now I was going to make something super, extra cute to impress Molly.

3 Molly

Stac basically said, “hot pink and lime green, chevron and she’s turning 15”. So I did two designs with a chevron background, one with the number 15 and one with a “M” for Molly, then I did a kind of basic “Happy Birthday Molly” one and for good measure I drew up a cute little party hat as the last design.

2 Molly

1 Molly

Molly posted pictures of the cupcakes and toppers on Instagram several days later and I believe she even took them to school to share with her friends so I might have pulled it off and actually impressed a teenager.

It wasn’t long after I posted a picture of Molly’s toppers on Instagram that my friend Pam contacted me about making some toppers for her youngest Porter’s 12th birthday. Uggghh. Pre-teen boys. Nothing’s ever cool enough to impress a pre-teen boy. Since Pam had liked Molly’s toppers I kind of stuck with the same basic premise. This time around my hints were “he loves basketball, the Cincinnati Bengals (hmmm… I wonder if someone with the last name Burkhead has something to do with that one), the color orange and is turning 12.”

2 Porter

So I found a tiger stripe pattern to put behind the No. 12, covered the Bengals and the age in one fell swoop. Found a close up photo of a basketball for the background behind a chunky, boyish, letter “P”, check and check on the hint list. And then made two different boyish, “Happy Birthday Porter” designs to finish the order.

1 Porter

Stay tuned for more toppers to come. I just got another text this week from Stac… Hello Kitty and Ironman are next on the agenda. And for those of you out there with graduating seniors… ever think about cupcakes? Who wants a boring old sheet cake when cupcakes are so cute? Four designs per dozen, $5 a dozen. Contact me at kerrip21@gmail.com. You won’t find a better deal than that anywhere.

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