Bergen – Discoe

August 15th, 2013

Look again! That title says Bergen – Discoe not Burning Disco. We will not be heating anything up out on the dance floor in this post. Instead I’m showing off the Family Posters of two of my oldest friends (and no ladies, I’m not insinuating that you are old, I’m referring to the fact that I believe I have known you both since I was three-years-old) the Hiebner sisters.

1 Bergen

Being the trendsetters that they are, they both wanted a little something different for their Family Posters. This was the first time I had designed a Family Poster on a background other than white, and I really love them both.

1 Discoe

Ang had liked the look of my “Em’s Famous Potato Salad Recipe” poster that was white and gray type on a black background.

2 Bergen

It also looked a little “chalkboard-y” and she liked that idea.

3 Bergen

Pam knew she wanted to hang the poster in her kitchen/dining room area. She sent me a picture of her dining room and a shot of the fabric on her dining room chairs so I could try to match the colors of her poster to her room.

2 Discoe

I designed two versions for her to choose from, one on a black background and one on a warm gray. The black background made the other colors look almost “neon” (which would have been great back in the 80’s hanging on her wall in the Kappa House) but she decided on the warm gray background that worked much better with her color scheme.

3 Discoe

She also added some extra info. I love the fact that she knows the exact date and place that she met Eddie. Oh, and by the way, Eddie is a doctor. I’ve ALSO always loved the fact that there is a Dr. Discoe out there in the world.

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  1. ang Says:

    Maybe you should do a post on the night we stayed at the Kappa House. I believe we ordered Val’s pizza from a food truck (we were light years ahead of the food truck trend) and probably watched a movie without leaving the designated area. That seems to be a recurring theme from our youth…pizza and a movie!

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