Bennie Gottsch Got Married

September 30th, 2013


Around the same time I was finishing up with all of my wedding projects for Troy and Sara’s wedding I received an email from an old friend. It started out “Hey Kerri P, Liz Gottsch here, remember I lived across the street?” As if I could forget Liz Gottsch.

Liz and her husband Mike moved to my little hometown years ago after being hired to be the volleyball and football coaches respectively. Luckily for us, they, along with their brand new baby Ben, moved into the house across the street from my parents and two houses down from my sister Kelli. I remember my mom telling Kelli and I, “You girls need to go over and introduce yourself, I see her sitting out on the front porch with her little baby all the time. It’s the middle of the summer, how else is she going to make friends unless you go over there.” I don’t remember exactly when those introductions took place but she and Kelli became great friends, and of course I tagged along for the ride. Liz was absolutely hilarious (and apparently from her emails, she still is) and one of the most laid back, easy-going people I have ever met.

Kelli and Liz had one big thing in common, their brand new babies, little spiky red-haired Ben and the chubby blob that was Marli. The two of them became the best of friends over the next few years. Ben even bestowed Marli’s very first nickname on her (the first of many), I can still hear him, “Come on Mars, lets go.” and off they went, they were such goofy kids together. Soon the Gottsch’s added Franny to their brood and then every other word out of Marli and Morgan’s mouth was “Ben and Franny this” and “Ben and Franny that”. Eventually Sam came along and it wasn’t long after that that Mike got a coaching job offer he couldn’t turn down and they moved to Kansas. To say Marli was heartbroken is and understatement.

We saw Liz and the kids at a few weddings after they moved away and then ran into them a few times when Morgan started playing college volleyball in their neck of the Kansas woods. And of course, after all these years, Kelli and I continue to use “Oh Mike Gottsch!” as one of our favorite expressions. Eventually the Gottsch family ended up in Oklahoma and that’s where my “blast from the past” email originated from.

Somehow Liz had stumbled on my website and contacted me because little Bennie Gottsch was getting married and she needed some rehearsal dinner invitations. Would I be interested in making them? Of course I would, I’d be honored I told her. She had liked my “Star Spangled Banner” print and was thinking of something “font heavy” and similar to it. She also really liked the chalkboard look so that’s what we went with. She sent me her info, I put something together and sent it back for her to proof and bada bing, bada boom we had a rehearsal dinner invitation.


I quickly printed out 30 invites on my home printer and sent them on their way to Oklahoma. She got them in the mail just under the wire. Oh Mike Gottsch, I can’t believe Ben is married!

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  1. ang Says:

    Swimming and BBQ for a rehearsal dinner?? I LOVE this!!!!

  2. Kriso Says:

    Oh I love your tag! I have not seen that, also I love the invites and the fact that Liz found your blog!!! I sound like Theresa “I just love, love, love!”

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