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November 4th, 2013

Bachelorette 2

I thought I was done with wedding projects but I guess not. Technically I guess this project would be labeled as “wedding adjacent”. My sister’s niece Paige was the Matron of Honor at the upcoming wedding of one of her good friends, thus putting her in charge of the Bachelorette party. Paige called me up and asked if I could quickly come up with some invites for her. A pretty simple job since she didn’t really have any specifications on what they should look like, they should “just be cool.” So I did my best.

It ended up being type heavy which seems to be my m.o. lately with just a sprinkle of glitter. I sent her a proof which she quickly OK’d and we were in business. All that was left to do was crank up my poor, old printer, whip out around 20 invitations and package them up.

Bachelorette 1

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