Always listen to your brother-in-law

April 9th, 2013

Spray Paint Cans

My sister and I were on the phone the other night discussing decorating plans for the upcoming shower we are throwing for our niece. It’s a circus theme and I let Kris know that I had bought some of those little plastic circus animals that come in a tube in the toy aisle. Our plan was to spray paint them to match our color palette. I’m sure you have all seen this courtesy of Martha Stewart on Pinterest.

Circus animals

Anyway, I heard my brother-in-law say something in the background and then Kris let me know that Steve wanted to remind me to buy spray paint that specifically adhered to plastic. “OK,” I thought, “whatever, I have can upon can of spray paint here at home already. I’m not going to go buy any more, especially since they probably won’t have any good colors in that type of spray paint.” Besides, I know what I’m doing.

Uh, yeah, right. I started out spraying three groups of three with the three different colors I had chosen (I just used the word three a record time in that sentence). The paint just basically ran off and the animals were very uncooperative. The giraffe fell over every time I hit it with the spray paint and the rhino wasn’t having any of it, his hard shell exterior was not one bit interested in becoming a beautiful shade of yellow. So after attempting a second coat the next morning as I was heading out to work I was forced to admit to myself that I should have listened to Steve and would now have to search for some plastic-adhering spray paint.

Pesky Rhino

Remarkably I found what I was looking for at the hardware store and they even had a decent selection of colors. I gave it a test run when I got home, much, much better. The rhino was still a bit uncooperative so he may just have to be left behind, I mean who ever heard of a rhino at a circus anyway?

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