All Good and Perfect Things…

June 11th, 2014

G&P Chalkboard

“All good and perfect things are from above.” James 1:17. How very true. My friend Andrea is patiently waiting for her “good and perfect thing” to arrive at any moment and I was honored when her sister-in-law Amanda contacted me a while back asking me to make a gift for Andrea’s baby shower.

Amanda had seen some of my chalkboards and asked if I could turn the above verse from James into a chalkboard with a frame for Mike and Andrea’s nursery. Now Amanda gave me plenty of time to work on this project, but being a professional procrastinator I put it off until the week of the shower, which also ended up being the week I needed to create a wedding gift, a wedding shower gift and 225 wedding programs. It was the perfect storm of crafting and only the strongest would survive. At least I had a frame and board ready to go

My Design Assistant and I had been experimenting with building our own frames instead of always having to hunt for them at garage sales and antique stores. I found some solid, kind of fancy yet kind of plain wood molding, the kind you’re supposed to use for baseboards and trim in a house, at Lowe’s and brought it home hoping the old man could work his magic. Which of course he did. He could almost get 2 11×14 frames out of one piece of molding so score on that front, much easier and cheaper than hunting for and buying frames. He then simply cut a piece of wood for the chalkboard and screwed it directly to the frame. Perfect.

Pencil sketch

I went at the chalkboard a little differently this time around. Usually I just sort of freehand everything directly on the board, sometimes scrolling through Pinterest looking for chalk and handwriting inspiration as I go. This time I actually did a pencil sketch, transferred my design to the chalkboard and then went over it with chalk. There were both positives and negatives to this little experiment. I had to leave out some of the details from my pencil sketch because my chalk was too thick too create certain accents… negative, but everything was actually centered and straight on the board for a change… that would be a positive.

I went with my super bright chalk and really liked how it looked but then started second guessing myself. I had no idea what colors Andrea was using in her nursery (after all “You got to co-or-din-nate!” That’s from some Eddie Murphy movie, not sure why that always sticks in my head.) but after designing our church youth room together, I was pretty sure she leaned more toward the brights. Nevertheless, I sent Amanda a picture asking for approval. She gave me the go ahead so I asked her what color she would prefer the frame. She picked turquoise, good choice, and I had that on hand.

I played around with the idea of distressing the frame with a couple of layers of paint and a crackle paint recipe I dug up on Pinterest but decided to save it for another project, when I had more time to experiment. So after painting the frame my favorite turquoise color and giving the chalkboard a nice coat of trusty V05 (can you believe they still make that?) I simply screwed the chalkboard back onto the frame and bada bing!

Final in frame

One baby shower gift down, three more projects to go.

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  1. ang Says:

    VO5??? As in VO5 Hot Oil treatment???!!! Love this print!

  2. Kriso Says:

    It’s from Boomerang – you saw the mushroom shirt, but you can’t stop there you have to add the mushroom belt. You got to coordinate.

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