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Hey Kerri P » Adventures At Ikea

Adventures At Ikea

July 22nd, 2013

16 Texas

No trip to Texas is complete without a visit to Ikea. Especially when you come from an Ikea-barren state like Nebraska. Kelli of course had a list of items she wanted to buy, I truly needed nothing. But that’s the thing about Ikea, you go in needing nothing and come out $100 later with all kinds of something.

Kris is kind of immune to the wonders of Ikea. When you only live five miles away from one it really isn’t a big deal anymore. Plus she says they never have anything new, it’s always the same stuff. I do agree with her on that one. That was proven back in February when the two of us went and returned without buying a thing.

But this trip would be different. When you go to Ikea you have the option of winding your way through miles of little rooms set up to look like the home of your dreams or taking a shortcut straight to the Marketplace. Lately we’ve chosen the shortcut but this time we decided to do the whole route and started noticing new stuff right off the bat. Stuff like this…

17 Texas

and this…

17-2 Texas

which I took a picture of and sent to my friend back home who has been on a search for lockers for the past two years. She didn’t order the lockers but soon sent me a picture of a throw from the website and put in her order.

We finally hit the Marketplace where summer had arrived.

18 Texas

I then found some “rainbow goodness” that I couldn’t pass up.

19 Texas

We finally made it to the warehouse portion of the store and since Kelli had some big ticket items on her list the real search was on. After scanning rows of tiny little tags saying things like: Nyttja, Fillsta and Upptacka we finally found the items she was looking for. Of course below the tags were great big empty spaces since both items were currently out of stock. Oh well, they would have never fit in the van for the ride home anyway. Plus Kris and Steve would be coming to Nebraska in a few weeks to pick up the girls so they could bring them then, that is if they were back in stock by then.

In the end, I bought so much stuff that the majority of it didn’t fit in the van either. I would have to wait a whole month to enjoy my purchases. Oh well, it will be kind of like shopping for them all over again I guess.

Up next… “Party Prep”

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  1. ang Says:

    Tucker just said, “I can’t believe Kerri P. has her own APP!!!!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Yours is one of the most entertaining blogs I follow!!

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