A Productive Day

April 27th, 2013

Giggle Bluebonnets

Spring is fighting it’s way out! My random bluebonnets popped up overnight. At least I think they are bluebonnets, they just show up for a few weeks, make me smile, and then are gone again. They picked a glorious day to make their arrival. Eighty-two degrees on a Saturday! Woo-hoo! So glad I planned an outdoor activity for today.

No I didn’t mow my lawn or plant any flowers (I don’t trust that 82 degrees, we are looking at the possibility of snow later in the week) my outdoor activity consisted of spray-painting poster board letters on the driveway for my prom centerpieces. I was just glad to be outside. I’ve killed enough brain cells this winter on spray-paint projects in my garage. Ventilation. I have found ventilation to be very important.

Red W

So I set up my little, handy-dandy, metal, flower-potting table and began giving my poster board marquee letters a nice shiny coat of red paint. I was a little nervous about how the poster board would hold up to the red paint but it did just fine. I only wish I had been able to hide some of the tape a little bit better, it showed more than I thought it would once it was painted red. Oh well, it will be dark in the gym, high school kids won’t care. I had bought five cans of spray paint and only made it through half of the letters before having to run to York for another four cans.

Red O

I got all nine letters and an arrow painted. All in all, a productive afternoon. I had planned on taking it easy that evening, but then Ang stopped over and offered to help with any assignment I gave her. Well, I’m not going to turn anyone down who offers to work in Kerri’s Sweat Shop. I started printing the 87 menu bands I needed to make for Prom and Ang got to cutting and we whipped them out by evenings end.

Prom Menu Band

I just had to glue them together the next day and another project completed. I love days when I actually make a dent in my To-Do List. By the way, that silverware looks crazy real doesn’t it? Plastic! Can you believe that’s plastic? What will they come up with next?

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