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This Land Is My Land…

Saturday, July 4th, 2015


A post on the 4th of July? Sure, why not. I’ve already enjoyed a solid day off of work and the weekend has just begun. My full-time job, ye old YNT (not sure why I just started talking like a pirate), saw fit to give us the 3rd of July off since the 4th falls on a Saturday. And for the first time in my almost 15 years of employment, no one in my department had to pull holiday duty. You see, we don’t have a paper on major holidays so everyone gets the day off, well almost everyone. Those of us that actually assemble the paper and send it to press always have to work “on” the holiday in order to build the next days issue. Bummer right? Well not this holiday. No siree. Leave it to ‘Merica to solve that age old problem. I don’t have a paper to put together until Monday so bring on the holiday!