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Go Royals!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Royals toppers

Somebody had total faith in their team. Stac called me with an order for Kansas City Royals cupcake toppers the week BEFORE they advanced to the World Series. They were going to be celebrating no matter what happened. Here’s hoping their celebration continues. Go Royals!

‘BOO’ to you

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Once upon1

My holidays are starting to blur together. I blame this Willow Station thing. You see I was working on Halloween and Thanksgiving projects way back in August and now my studio is starting to look like Santa’s Workshop and it isn’t even Halloween! And to add salt to the wound, I’m the kind of person that get’s completely annoyed when I head to Hobby Lobby (which I seem to do every single Saturday, yet another annoyance) in search of fall foliage and end up having to wade through all of the Christmas ornaments to get to it. So here I sit, in my haunted house wishing you a Merry Christmas with my paintbrush.


I’m baaacckkk

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


EEK! I haven’t posted for over a month and a half! That’s ridiculous! I mean my last post was on my birthday and I am well into my 44th year (Believe me, I feel all 44 of those years every morning when I get up). So here I am again, making up excuses for disappearing on you, but this time I have a really good excuse. Really I do.

You see I’ve had a little side project brewing in the background for a few years now. It started percolating back when JoAnn, Andrea and I redecorated the Youth Room at my church. The seed was planted at the final meeting of our Youth Room Committee. JoAnn mentioned that she and her husband Mike had been toying around with constructing a building on their farm. A building that would make JoAnn’s dream of becoming a shop owner come true. She wanted to know what we thought of the idea and Andrea and I both immediately said we were on board. If she was going to build a store we wanted to be a part of it.