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X-Ray Toppers

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

xray toppers

No x-ray specs needed to see these toppers. They’re visible to the human eye. Ha… lame joke, don’t feel like you have to laugh. Actually, these are just the latest cupcake toppers in my growing repertoire. Stacy needed something a little different this time around, toppers for a radiology graduate… and they needed to be jumbo sized to go along with the jumbo cupcakes. She texted me a photo and asked if I could make something similar using red and black. No problem. She needed three dozen x-ray toppers, and another three dozen that had the letter “K” on them.

Jumbo K Toppers

That was fairly easy, I just used my basic monogram topper with a chevron background, because who doesn’t love chevron right now? All I had to do was jumbo-size the monogram topper and fini, six dozen toppers made to order.

Dinner Blessing

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Dinner Blessing

This one’s from the archives. During the same weekend of the “Sinee Spectacular” a local mom with a fellow graduating senior asked if I could make a print for her. You know how it is that last week before your kid graduates, either you’re finishing your kitchen remodel, having new carpet laid or hanging stuff on your walls that you always meant to but never got around to doing. The latter was the case here.

Lynn had a wall full of family photos hanging above her dinner table and she found the above saying on a sign on where else, Pinterest. She had a frame already she just needed me to make a print. Did I have time? I told her if I could do it on my computer as opposed to hand painting something I should be able to squeeze it in. So the day before graduation I finally sat down at my computer and whipped this out. I printed it up and set out in search of Lynn’s farm, picking up my Mom along the way to act as my navigation system. Hand-delivered to her doorstep… how’s that for service?

Mahoney Day

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Mahoney maps

It came and passed. My most dreaded of days… Mahoney Day. The NFL has Draft Day my family has Mahoney Day. Mahoney Day is the day we have to fight, tooth and nail, to reserve cabins at Eugene T. Mahoney State park, the most beautiful (in my opinion) and conveniently located State Park in Nebraska. It sits on the banks of the Platte River just a stones throw from Omaha. Every three years it falls upon me and my trusty computer to reserve enough cabins and lodge rooms to accommodate up to 70 some Huebert family members. Simple right? Uhhh, wrong.


Your Love

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

final top half

About a month ago I received a text from my friend Karen. She wanted to know if I would be interested in doing some “chalk work” for her daughter MacKenzie. You see Kenz had just moved into her first “grown-up apartment”. I define “grown-up apartment” as one being free of any kind of pesky roommate. Ahhh… roommates. So, so very glad I never have to find another one of those. I had my share of them back in my college days. They ranged from bad: walking into my UNL dorm room as a freshman and having my assigned roommate say, “You can move out if you want.” Yes mam’, you bet I was moving out. To good: living with my sister Kris and best friend Keri, despite the annoying and very loud (especially in the middle of the night… wink, wink) Asian family living upstairs. For a hot minute I feared my niece Marli had inherited my bad luck with roommates. This was after receiving a text on her first day of college, “KERRI!!! MY ROOMMATE HAS A CAPE HANGING IN HER CLOSET!… AND A LIGHT SABER!” She vacated that room pretty quickly as well.