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Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Chalkboard in progress

It’s that time of year. Those striped circus tents have been popping up all over the place. “You’re One Stop Spot for all your Fireworks Needs” one of the signs said. And last night here in my little burg you would have thought it already was the 4th with the large number of fireworks going off. I was sweating away all evening trying to make some order out of my mess of a garage and was able to step outside numerous times to take in the show.


Taylor & Chase – Programs

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


A couple of stacks of wedding programs finished out my “Perfect Storm of Crafting” week. Well, actually it was 11 stacks with 20 programs in each stack, if you do the math that makes around 225 programs. They were for the wedding of Taylor Janzen and Chase Chrisman. I had already helped Taylor out with the wedding invitations a few months earlier and eventually received an email asking if I would be able to do the wedding programs as well.


Brought To You By The Letter ‘F’ (No It’s Not A ‘G’)

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Penciled F

Well we’ve come to the Wedding Shower portion of “The Perfect Crafting Storm”. And this post is brought to you by the letter ‘F’. ‘F’ would be for ‘Friesen’ the last name of my friend JoAnn who was getting ready to throw a wedding shower for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law Rachel. Now if you all think I dive whole-hog into decorating for showers and the like, then you’ve never seen JoAnn’s work. Whew… I don’t hold a candle to her, I always tell her that her style is the classy version of my own.


Story of Us: Roepke

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Roepke print

Next up during my week, now known in the history books as the, “Perfect Storm of Crafting”, was a wedding gift. My sister Kelli and brother-in-law Marc were invited to a wedding in Kansas. The groom was a friend of their daughter Morgan and Kelli had offered to take care of the wedding gift. She asked me to make one of my “Story of Us” prints. This particular print has become the go-to gift for any wedding I’m invited to so if you’re interested in attaining one you can either contact me and place an order or… invite me to your wedding.


All Good and Perfect Things…

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

G&P Chalkboard

“All good and perfect things are from above.” James 1:17. How very true. My friend Andrea is patiently waiting for her “good and perfect thing” to arrive at any moment and I was honored when her sister-in-law Amanda contacted me a while back asking me to make a gift for Andrea’s baby shower.



Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Smiling Sidney

This is my little cousin Sidney, or Sinee as I like to call her thanks to her younger sister Camryn never having the time to pronounce that “D”, especially when Sidney did something to annoy her.