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Yankee Doodle Decor

Friday, June 28th, 2013

July 4th chalk art

Yankee Doodle is on his way and for once I did a little decorating. The 4th is usually here and gone by the time I come up with any patriotic decor, but not this year. This year I actually got my front entry “holiday closet” decked out in some red, white and blue. I started by changing my revolving chalkboard to a July 4th design.

July 4th vignette 2

I then printed out my “Oh say” printable (the one I posted earlier this week) and put it in a funky frame I bought at Hobby Lobby last December, but first I gave it a coat of bright, red glossy paint (hey, red will work at Christmas time as well).

July 4th vignette 1

I bought some Mason Jars a few weeks back with plans of painting them. Pinterest is jam packed with painted mason jars so I decided to give it a try. I had bought silver metallic spray paint for an earlier project and luckily it adhered to glass. Bada bing, bada boom. I popped some American flags inside the jar.

I then gathered up some patriotic odds and ends from around the house. I found the three red, white and blue striped horns at a tiny antique shop in Georgetown, Texas, I wish I had bought more. The square glass container is holding yarn spools. The red ones actually have gold stars on them. They were the only things I could afford at the Round Top Antique Show in Texas several years back. They work pretty well as Halloween decor also.

I have a feeling this will probably stay up for the rest of the summer. I’m sure I’ll be to lazy to change it so I guess it will be a patriotic couple of months.

Some Assembly Required

Thursday, June 27th, 2013


Another round of wedding invitations out the door. Sometime in December my cousin Joni asked if I would make wedding invitations and some other paper products for her son Troy’s upcoming July wedding. My answer was of course “Yes!!” It’s a good thing I come from a big family because so far the cousins are keeping me in business.


The Graduate Martha

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Martha & Sawyer

My Martha graduated from college at the end of May. For those of you who don’t know, her real name is Marli Shon. You’re probably wondering why, when she has a cool name like Marli Shon, do I call her Martha? Marli has had a million nicknames in her lifetime but the one that stuck for me is of course from a movie. One of her favorites as a little kid, “Dennis the Menace”.


Patriotic Printable

Monday, June 24th, 2013

So I’ve been MIA for the last week, just didn’t have any creative juices flowing I guess. But I was feeling patriotic last night and put this little ditty together for your decorating enjoyment. I’m kinda proud that I’m getting this posted before the 3rd of July because I am Miss Last Minute you know. Oh, and I do know how to spell the word “through” but when I Googled “The Star Spangled Banner” that’s how it was spelled “thru”. And here I thought that spelling was just invented around the same time as texting. And once again, I pledge to get this blog up to date… speaking of pledging, I should have done “The Pledge of Allegiance” maybe I’ll work on that tonight. Stay tuned…

Click the image or link below to download the PDF:
Download the PDFOhSay.pdf (629k)


Phi Sig’s

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Phi Sigs 1

My sister Kelli asked me to help her out with graduation gifts for my niece Marli’s sorority sisters. Of course this request came only one week before graduation which meant we would be throwing something together. The girls had taken some really nice group photos and Kelli wanted to somehow use one of the photos along with all of their names, kind of like the Family Posters that I do. At first we talked about somehow putting the names on the photo but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I told her I would have to think about it.


Hello World

Friday, June 14th, 2013

My niece Morgan asked me to design a birth announcement for her little “Soybean” Sawyer Mae. So here’s what I came up with. Gotta have options.

Sawyer No. 1

Option No. 1.

Sawyer No. 2

Option No. 2.

Sawyer No. 3

And Option No. 3.

Can you guess which one she went with? Personally No. 2 was my favorite but no one ever picks the one that I like. And the winner is…. drumroll please…. No. 3. The last one I did and the first one picked. That’s how it always goes.

Video Shoot

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Pool Bucket 1

My full-time job, which is much too full-time for my taste, is at a small-town newspaper. The town’s population is around 7,800 and we also cover around 12 other small towns in the surrounding area. Last I checked we were the smallest daily newspaper in Nebraska. Working at a small-town newspaper is what you would call an interesting job, especially in this neck of the woods. Our area seems to specialize in crazy. After all, we broke the story of the Waco Bank Robber. The Waco Bank Robber was a teenage girl who decided one afternoon to steal a car, rob her local bank, go home and videotape herself bragging about it AND THEN POST IT TO YOUTUBE!!! We hit national news with that one. It’s a bit surreal to suddenly have an email in your inbox from CNN asking permission to run our small-time video.


Toppers, Toppers and More Toppers

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Higher toppers 4

Time for toppers once again. One final project to complete for the Jen Hatmaker event. My cousin Stacy the cupcake lady, who you might remember was the Prom guru that hired me to help her out, was asked to make cupcakes for the Jen Hatmaker event. Since she would be making 350 cupcakes she decided to keep them simple as opposed to her usually elaborate, beautifully decorated treats. She remembered that I had once offered to make cupcake toppers for her and decided to take me up on it. So on the Sunday after Prom we met up in the church hallway and she handed me some extra-long toothpicks that had been leftover from prom and we both set off on our next project together.


Chalk Lung

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Higher 1

My little side business was beginning to be hazardous to my health. The previous weekend I had started to get loopy off of spray paint fumes, this time around I was developing chalk lung. The one day women’s retreat was just a week away so it was time to get chalking. What to draw, what to draw?


That Girl

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Mustard frame

Another Saturday, another round of spray paint, and more dead brain cells. This time I was working on chalk boards. My friend Tara, who I helped out with the Pie Social a few months ago, asked me to help decorate for an upcoming women’s retreat involving all of the area churches. The poster promoting the event was designed to look like chalk art and since we had already gone one round with chalkboards we decided we might as well do it again. But this this time we had a bigger space to fill as the event was to be held in our high school theater and we were to decorate the lobby. So on top of borrowing the small chalkboards from the Preschool again I decided to make a few bigger ones out of some frames I had setting around.

One of the frames we had used as decor at my nieces wedding and was painted white so I just gave it a coat of red spray paint. The smallest one, pictured above, was actually a new frame that I had bought at Michael’s in December to turn into a Christmas gift for my other niece. I ended up doing something else for her gift and debated returning it but figured I could surely find some use for it eventually. It was a basic gold color like the majority of those frames are so I painted it my new favorite color of spray paint, not really a sunshine yellow and not really gold, somewhere in-between (I’ve also decided I’m going to use that color on one of my rocking chairs on my front porch, the former red one that has needed a paint job for the past three summers). And finally there was “Big Momma” which is around five feet tall and three feet wide. She was a Shed Sale find last Labor Day weekend. There were two other big frames like her at that sale and I have been kicking myself for not picking those up as well. As is my M.O., I bought her with absolutely no idea how I was going to use her. She’s just been standing around my studio taking up space for close to a year now. She was also a flaking, beat up gold color so I painted her turquoise.

I then turned them over to my Design Assistant. I asked him for suggestions on what to make the chalk boards out of. As much as I appreciate being able to use the small frames that the Preschool made, they just painted plywood with chalk paint so it’s hard to do any detailed chalk work on such a bumpy surface. I also wanted something lightweight because the frames were heavy enough as they were. He immediately suggested Masonite which we got and cut to size and I then painted with chalkboard paint.

Fresh boards

So there you go, three fresh boards, now I just had to fill them up with something, along with five other small ones. The next weekend I talked to my friend Val whose parents are my neighbors across the street. She told me they had spotted me painting away the weekend before and her daughter Reece (one of the funniest little kids I know) had said “Mom, that girl’s always paintin’ something in her garage.” That one made me chuckle, mainly because I was thrilled, over the moon really, that Reecee referred to me as “that girl” as opposed to “that old lady”. It kind of made up for some “ma’am” references from earlier in the week.